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January 2014

Martins is a visiting researcher in Prof. Petri Pihko group at University of Jyväskylä (Finland). Ilga has joined Prof. Carsten Bolm group at RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

May 2013

Edgars receives Paul Walden medal from Riga Technical University. Artis delivers a lecture at 8th Paul Walden Symposium. Martins, Toms and Kaspars present posters at 8th Paul Walden Symposium: “Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral 1,3-Diamines“, “Design of novel asymmetric organocatalysts” and … Continue reading

July 2012

Artis attended Gaussian workshop “Theory and Practice” in Columbus, OH, USA and presented a poster: “Computational studies of transition states for diastereoselective reduction of iminoanilines and iminophenoles“.

June 2012

Igors and Dmitrijs won the Best Poster award at the Balticum Organicum Syntheticum 2012 in Tallinn with poster: “Non-Symmetric iodonium salts as key intermediates in functionalisation of heterocyclic C-H bonds”

July 2011

Artis won the Best Poster award at the 17th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry 2011 in Hersonissos, in Crete, Greece with poster: “Diastereoselective synthesis of optically active aminoanilines and aminophenols”