UPLC-MS and LC-MS are two the most heavily used machines

Waters LC-MS

We have two Waters Alliance HPLC units with autosamplers and column changers. One of them is operating under reversed-phase conditions, whereas the other is used mainly for chiral separations.

Water Alliance HPLC

There is a glove box in our laboratory for working with air or water sensitive reagents.

Glove box

A Biotage Microwave Oven. The microwave heated reactions are conducted in special thick-walled vessels.

Biotage Microwave Oven

We routinely use two Armen Spot instruments and Biotage SP1 system for automated flash chromatography.

Armen Spot

Shimadzu HPLC system for preparative HPLC separations (up to 200 mg per cycle).

Shimadzu HPLC system

A GC-MS with an autosampler.


A view of one of our fume hoods.

Fume hood

Institute Instrumentation and Facilities: