Haralds Baunis

Haralds Baunis

MSc student

haralds.baunis at osi d0t lv

Curriculum Vitae


August 3rd, 1997


Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Laboratory Assistant, 2016-present

University of Rostock, Germany
ERASMUS+ internship, 2017 (July-September)
Electrosynthesis Group, Dr. R. Francke

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
ERASMUS+ internship, 2018 (July-September)
Prof., Dr. S. Waldvogel

Honors and Awards

University of Latvia foundation scholarships:

“Ceļamaize”, 2016

Alfreds Raisters research scholarship for undergraduate students in natural sciences, 2017

Kristaps Morbergs scholarship of excellence, 2018