June 2022

Undergraduate and Master’s students from our team have successfully graduated from University of Latvia.

Master’s theses were defended by:
Maris Bazulis “Synthesis of β-amino alcohols containing substituted cyclohexanes” (supervisor Dr. chem. Ilga Mutule);
Arturs Mazarevics “Molecular design of solid state luminophores” (supervisors Dr. chem. Edgars Suna, MSc. chem. Kaspars Leduskrasts);
Sabine Kastaljana “Reactive tetrazine handle-containing linker synthesis for protein modification” (supervisors Dr. chem. Edgars Suna, MSc. chem. Rihards Kluga);
Niks Freimanis “The synthesis of new apramycin based derivatives” (supervisor Dr. chem. Dmitrijs Lubriks).

Bachelor’s theses were defended by:
Julija Bariseva “Macrocycles as simplified Diazonamide A analogs” (supervisor MSc. chem. Viktorija Vitkovska);
Arturs Raimonds Feldmanis “Chiral Lewis base catalyzed enantioenriched cyanohydrin synthesis” (supervisor Dr. chem. Artis Kinens).