Dr. Artis Kinens

Dr. Artis Kinens

Former PhD student, Scientist

Curriculum Vitae


PhD in chemistry, University of Latvia, 2019
Thesis: “Lewis base catalysis by chiral DMAP species”
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. E. Suna

MSc in chemistry, Riga Technical University, 2009
Thesis: “Synthesis of homochirl diamines and aminophenoles”
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. E. Suna


Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Researcher, 2020-present
Research Assistant, 2009-2020
Laboratory Assistant, 2005-2009

University of Latvia
Assistant to professor, 2020-present
Lecturer, 2017-2020
Teaching assistant, 2015-2017

Imperial College London, UK
Visiting Researcher, 2022 (4 months)
(advisor Prof. A. C. Spivey)

University of Michigan, USA
Visiting Researcher, 2014 (5 months)
(advisor Prof. E. Vedejs)

University of Michigan, USA
Visiting Researcher, 2009 (4 months), 2010 (4 months)
(advisor Prof. E. Vedejs)

Honors and Awards

Solomon Hiller prize, JSC Olainfarm and Latvian Academy of Sciences and Riga Technical University Development fund, 2019

Award for the best achievement in Latvian science of 2019, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 2019


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  2. Kinens, A.; Balkaitis, S.; Ahmad, O. K.; Piotrowski, D. W.; Suna, E. “Acylative Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Secondary Alcohols: Tandem Catalysis by HyperBTM and Bäckvall’s Ruthenium Complex” J. Org. Chem. 2021, 86, 7189–7202.  DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.1c00545
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