June 2023

Undergraduate and Master’s students from our team have successfully graduated from University of Latvia.
Master’s theses were defended by:
Katrina Prane “Electrochemical Synthesis of Non-Proteinogenic Amino Acid Derivatives and Bromanes” (supervisors prof. Dr. chem. Edgars Suna, MSc. chem. Olesja Koleda);
Merija Agnese Meiberga “Synthesis of C4-Substituted 7-Azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-1-carboxylic Acids” (supervisor Dr. chem. Ilga Mutule);
Matiss Bojars “Cyclic Sulfinamides and Their Derivatives as Potential Gamma-lactam Bioisosteres” (supervisors prof. Dr. chem. Edgars Suna, MSc. chem. Glebs Jersovs).
Bachelor’s thesis was defended by Oto Filipsons “Design of S and Se Containing Nucleophilic Catalysts” (supervisor PhD Artis Kinens).





Date: Jun 19, 2023
AUTHOR: Viktorija Vitkovska
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